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Pay-Per-Clicks for Political Campaigns [Video]

Looking to PPC?Book Free Consultation: ➡️ Hi! Today we’re going to tell you about Pay-Per-Clicks for Political Campaigns.PPC has recently been used to not only promote candidates but to advocate specific changes to be made, making it more political than ever.However, platforms have now been more strict on guidelines, especially for political campaigns. In this article, we will talk about the guidelines of each platform on creating PPC ads.Let’s get started.Banned PlatformsBig platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora have all stopped political campaigning using their websites.For each platform mentioned above, the bottom line is that they are not allowing any political campaigning. Regardless of what kind of message the PPC ad will send, as long as it is a political campaign, it will not be allowed on the platforms mentioned above.Google AdsOne of the policies that Google Ads has in place for political campaigns is that audience targeting is not allowed. This means political campaigns cannot be used to target specific individuals, and the only way to classify them is through geographic location, age and gender, and the use of keywords.Additionally, advertisers of political campaigns will also need to undergo a verification process.Facebook AdsFor Facebook, they have added several layers of verification to ensure that they are dealing with the right people.It will also be disclosed that these ads are sponsored with their traditional sponsored label.All the information linked with your business page or whatnot will be publicly available for people to see for seven years, along with any ads you launch.Choosing the Best Platform for YouThere are now only limited platforms available for your digital political campaign. With that in mind, it is important that you get to choose the right one for you. Remember, the few platforms left that allow political campaigning will have their own strict guidelines. You need to be able to follow these guidelines closely and carefully, and ensure that your ads are still beneficial for you.00:00 – 00:28 – Welcome to our video!00:29 – 00:53 – Banned Platforms00:54 – 01:19 – Google Ads01:20 – 01:42 – Facebook Ads01:43 – 02:07 – Choosing the Best Platform for You02:08 – 02:23 – Contact with us today!Curious about Google Ads for Your Business?——– USEFULL RESOURSES ——-Google Display Ads Training 101 (Free Strategy) Exact Steps We Use for Our Clients [$550 value]:[Free Document] Google Ads Evolution of Audience [$1000 value]:[FREE DOWNLOAD] Google Smart Shopping Campaign to Drive Sales for eCommerce Store: [$2000 value]:[FREE LANDING PAGE] That Converts 40% of Visitors for Free[$700 value]:*** WORK WITH YAUHENIGet your first prospects with Google Ads: Digital Marketing Agency:*** MORE FROM CEO YAUHENISubscribe for more content like this:–vw