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Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Lead Generation [Video]

Linkedin is a great tool for building your brand and driving traffic and generating leads for your business but the majority of you are not doing it right. Most of the LinkedIn messages i have seen come out as spammy. In today’s video, we gonna all the dos and don’t of LinkedIn for lead generation.Start selling on LinkedIn with LinkedInX and I’ll also give you all of my best courses, together with weekly coaching to get you unstuck and scale your agency. at: ➡️ ⬅️Drive more business from LinkedIn – ➡️ ⬅️If you want us to do Lead Gen for you, check out: https://x27marketing.comEverything You Need to Know About Linkedin dos and don’t for Lead Generation in 2022__Lead generation refers to all of the activities and strategies you use to attract potential customers. Generating leads is important because, with nurturing, potential customers can become paying customers that use your products and drive revenue. #Linkedin #LeadGeneration #AlexBerman/// MORE FROM ALEX00:00 Everything You Need to Know About Linkedin dos and don’t for Lead Generation00:59 Why is lead Generation Important for your business?02:25 Advantages of LinkedIn03:21 Do’s of Linkedin08:48 Don’t of LinkedinSubscribe for more content like this: BUSINESS INQUIRIES: For sponsorships, you can reach us at: [email protected] Berman,Email10K,linkedin,Everything You Need to Know About Linkedin dos and don’t for Lead Generation,linkedin sales navigator,linkedin marketing,linkedin lead generation,how to use linkedin,lead generation,linkedin lead generation tutorial,b2b lead generation,linkedin for business,linkedin tips,linkedin lead generation 2022,linkedin lead generation b2b,linkedin marketing 2022,linkedin marketing tutorial for beginners,dos and dont of linkedin 2022


How To Set Up And Optimize Your Linkedin Profile in 5 Steps | Linkedin Profile Tips and Optimization [Video]

In this video, you’ll learn how to set up and optimize your LinkedIn profile in 5 steps.Download the FREE LinkedIn checklist👇 like your website is the home base for all your marketing efforts, your LinkedIn profile is the starting place to growing a following and making money on LinkedIn.“You have to optimize your profile. Don’t even bother spending time on LinkedIn doing anything if you have a crappy profile because it’s just not going to work right. Or it’s going to work to a degree, but you’re going to see way better results if you have an optimized profile.”Mandy Mckewen | Luminetics6 Things You Need To Nail With Your LinkedIn Profile 1. Your profile picture This needs to show a happy smiling person of you with a bright background. This way when you comment or post you will stand out from the blue and white LinkedIn platform. 2. A savage banner imageIt is like the hero image of the website. I’ve seen three types of banners that work on LinkedInThe authority banner- This displays a book or lead magnet that you have created positioning you as an expert in the field.The social proof banner- that shows you speaking or in action doing something connected to your work or shows logos or quotes from brands and people who have worked with you.Or the clarity banner- This says who you help, where you help them, how you help them, and the benefit you bring. 3. Create a oneliner This is a simple, quick, and clear way for someone to exactly what you do. Here is that equation again:Who you help + Where you help them + How you help them + The benefit you bring Now obviously if your business is not geographically bound then you want to leave that out and you can rearrange the order of these items, but it all needs to add up. Here is an example:Helping dads in the Atlanta area lose weight so they can feel like themselves again. Or I create a custom Squarespace website to help you grow your business and save you time in just 2 weeks. 4. Write your About section This section is a chance to explain more about what you do, the steps someone takes to work with you, your story, etc. I have a whole video on how to write the copy for the homepage of your website, you should use that for your LinkedIn profile because everything will carry over.5. Enable creator mode This going to give you some awesome options how to expand your network and content reach. Some of the main benefits of creator mode include:You can display the topics you post about in your profile introduction as hashtags. This will make it easier for other LinkedIn members to discover your content and follow you.You can create a 30-second profile picture video for people to learn more about you, and to get a feel of your personality.You can highlight your original content on your profile by moving your Featured and Activity sections to be first on your profile. You become eligible to be featured as a suggested creator to follow so potential followers can discover you and your content across LinkedIn.You get access to creator tools such as LinkedIn Live Video and LinkedIn Newsletters if you meet the access criteria. You Change your Connect button on your profile will change to Follow. And display the number of followers you have on your profile. If you are like “Yo, what is the difference between followers and connections?” Followers can see your content but you cant see thiers, and people can follow you without you having to approve them.Your connections can see your content AND you can see their content. Also, you can direct message your connections too, whereas you can only message a certain amount of people you follow if you are paying for “inmail” which is part of a LinkedIn premium accountYou want people to easily be able to follow you, but when you reach out to people you want to connect with them. Download the FREE and fillable website design checklist👇 out the full list of courses👇 #LinkedInprofile #LinkedIn