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Qualcomm and Gridspertise power digital transformation [Video]

Qualcomm is working with Gridspertise to accelerate the digital transformation of electric utilities. As the electric utility industry moves towards digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization, powerful connectivity solutions that keep devices connected to the intelligent edge are crucial. In this video, Enrico Salvatori (SVP & President of Qualcomm Europe/MEA), Jeffery Torrance (SVP of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies), and Robert Denda (CEO of Gridspertise), answer questions regarding the digital transformation of electric utilities. Learn how 5G and AI are driving digital transformation with connectivity and intelligence, and how the connected intelligent edge is a key component of grid digitalization. Robert also shares some of the challenges the utilities industry is facing, including a growth in electricity demand that can strain the existing grid. However, with an increased demand for energy, there is tremendous opportunity to utilize 5G, AI, and IoT technologies to improve energy efficiency and resilience. Qualcomm is proud to partner with industry leaders and provide cutting edge connectivity solutions to power the future of electric utilities. Learn more about how Qualcomm is working with Gridspertise to accelerate the digital transformation of electric utilities in this Q&A with Gridspertise CEO Robert Denda: Learn more about the QEd Quantum Edge device from Gridspertise, powered by Qualcomm: Learn more about the Qualcomm and Gridspertise partnership: Discover more utility solutions from Qualcomm:,reduces%20downtime%2C%20and%20saves%20money

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How to Create a Successful Podcast! (Content Marketing) [Video]

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Salesforce May 2022 Review [Video]

In which, I cover Salesforce news from May 2022.Use Ghost for your personal blog and business: to Trailblazers by Marc BenioffThis is a must read, or listen, for everyone working in the Salesforce economy today. Get it here: with a free month of Audible: may receive a small referral fee for some of the things I’ve listed here.0:00 Intro0:34 Parker Harris2:23 Low-Code Developer Tools2:30 Salesforce Admin Skills Kit3:19 Profile3:44 Salesforce Ranked #1 CRM4:11 New Chief Security Officer4:48 ‘Ohana Floors4:55 Sumer 22 Release5:41 Tableau Cloud5:50 JetBlue