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Build a Business Intelligence Dashboard with No-Code Automation [Video]

Saving time is often the first benefit that comes to mind when you think about automation, but the possibilities extend much further. In this video, we’ll show you how automation will enable you to track key metrics and build a business intelligence dashboard. —00:00 – Intro00:37 – Track your Workflows with Automation01:48 – Create Consistent Workflows03:16 – Build a Business Intelligence Dashboard—To learn more about how you can use automation and other techniques to improve your company’s workflows, visit our website:https://xray.techRead our blog posts for tutorials and deep dives into automation: out our Zapier Experts page for reviews and more information about XRay:

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Ignore KPI’s when doing keyword research? [Video]

Doing keyword research is an essential step to properly optimizing your website, but is there any key performance indicators you should be paying attention to when deciding your keywords? Should we ignore KPI’s all together?World-renowned SEO expert, Bruce Clay, provides an answer to this SEO question and what you should be doing to better help your SEO.If you want to ask your question LIVE to the ‘Father of SEO,’ you can sign up for FREE to join our upcoming webinar: up today to get the insight you need for better SEO!If you would like to know more about Bruce and other services we provide, visit #seo #seolearning #seotraining