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Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns – Are They Worth It? [Video]

Please join our FREE Facebook group ‘Google Ads Like A Boss’. Meet like-minded professionals, join the discussions, ask questions, offer help and much more. No.1 Google Ads Coaching and Training Program. Watch Masterclass here: you want to know whether Performance Max campaigns are worth it, you’ve come to the right place. This video will tell you how they work and how you can get started.How are you finding performance max yeah very good you need to give it a bit of time let the algorithm learn and don’t make too many changes and as I said earlier on don’t expect things to happen too quickly either but once it starts to run it really does work wonderfully well I would highly recommend that you have the assets as well, especially the video assets. Because if you don’t have video a third of that asset group is empty. You have the text, you have the images, you don’t have the videos. So video creation is extremely important.And this is why you know those who have started or are starting video marketing or video ads right now are going to stay ahead from the rest of the pack. Very soon in my humble opinion, Google is going to take away the keywords. Right the way things are going. They’ve taken away broad modified. Exact match is not exact anymore. Phrase is not phrase anymore. So it’s going broader and broader. Right? And eventually, Google won’t need any keywords.They will know exactly who we are after. What we are looking for and we are going to just target those audiences. Which is fine as long as the algorithm works and it works wonderfully well. Especially with performance max. There are no keywords with dynamic search ads, there are no keywords. Once you set it up properly, it works wonderfully well. So, it’s better for us because there’s less work. Now, you might think as an agency owner, freelancer, oh I’m going to be out of my job very soon. Well, you will be if you don’t evolve yourself. You need to think of new ideas. How can you stay in front of your competitors? So, I started doing video marketing about four years ago.I wish I had done 10 years ago has started but anyway, and very few agencies are doing video marketing I can count them, on one hand, are doing these live streams are uploading videos regularly and those who are doing this will stay ahead now with video you need to be creative you need to learn how to create these videos which you can then upload test and optimize right I have more time to focus on creating the creatives rather than matching around with the keywords. So for me is going to be even better. If we get rid of or Google gets rid of keywords we have one less hassle thing one less thing to worry about. Which keywords, how many keywords we should have, which match type, shall we put them in the same ad group, shall we keep them separate, how we use negative keywords and so on.All of that is going to disappear and all we do is just keep on focusing on the creatives and the landing page experience which very few people look at because all the blame goes on Facebook and Google oh they don’t work, I set it up properly, I use exact keywords, I did split testing, I wrote different ads and so on but they don’t look at what’s happening on the other side running ads is one part of the equation the other one is where those clicks take that visitor to that landing page. So you need to do that as well. Look at everything, the whole landscape, not just Google Ads. Okay, so hope that helped.#performancemaxcampaigns #performancemax #digitalmarketingagency #marketingagency #digitalagency #googleadsoptimizationtips #googleadsoptimization #googleadsrecommendations #googleadwords #PPCChat #SEM #PPC #googleads #googleadstips #googleadstutorials #googleadstraining #googleadsoptimisation #googleadvertising #learngoogleads #googleadwords #googleadsconsultant #googleadsexpert #googleadsettings #googleadsspecialist #digitalmarketingWant to learn Google Ads? Here’s the playlist with over 20+ hours of tutorials and training:🔥🔥🔥 Google Ads Tools We Use🔥🔥🔥 ➡️ Google Ads MasterClass:➡️ Reduce click fraud. Increase profitability.➡️ Lower CPCs. Increase Quality Score with fast landing pages.➡️ Optimize your Shopping campaigns for higher ROAS.🔥🔥🔥 CONNECT WITH US 🔥🔥🔥 ➡️ LinkedIn: ➡️ Twitter: ➡️ Facebook: ➡️ GMB Page: ➡️ Website: