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PLTR Stock News! Palantir stock could drop after the earnings report! Sales Force stock vs Palantir! [Video]

The latest news for Palantir stock is that they have an earnings report coming up in early August. I will make another video about their earning projections and predictions before the earnings report is officially released. I will also talk about the newest pltr stock price targets and price predictions that investors want to know about. I personally think that the PLTR stock will drop after their earnings report because the stock is still trading at a premium due to its PS ratio being 9. Palantir Technologies has obtained three large contracts recently with 2 of them being government contracts and 1 commercial contract. I have done a video on those contracts because the commercial one is with Guidehouse which is the third largest consulting company that the government uses. Regrading the two government contracts we have the U.S Army contract for the TITIAN program and we have the U.S Space Command contract both of which will increase Palantir’s revenue. To end the video I will compare Sales Force stock to Palantir stock to determine which stock is better. I will also say that the CRM stock has much lower multiples and is a more profitable company while the PLTR stock should grow faster due to Palantir Technologies compounding annual growth rate of 30% from now until 2025. #palantir #salesforce #pltrstock FREE MONEY: Please, DONATE TO ME 🙂 Free Robinhood stock: 2 Free stocks with Webull when you invest $100 on your first deposit Free $20 worth of Bitcoin on Celsius with a $200 investment: This video was done by myself, and it expresses my own opinions. This is not investment advice and it should not be taken as investment advice in any way shape or form. I am not receiving any form of compensation for this video from the company or organization that I am expressing opinions about. This video is for entertainment and or educational purposes only.SOURCES: