‘The Algorithm’ and Performance FAQs [Video]

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In this video, we’ll walk through frequently asked questions about YouTube’s search and discovery system, and give you answers about channel and video performance. We'll also give you some video discovery tips. 0:00 Introduction 0:26 How does YouTube choose what videos to promote? 0:57 Video Ranking: Viewer Personalization & Video Performance 2:22 Does changing a video’s title or thumbnail re-rank the video in the algorithm? 2:51 If one of my videos under-performs, is that going to hurt my channel? 3:17 Does monetization status (like the yellow icon) impact my video discovery? 3:51 Do I need to upload daily or at least once a week? 4:18 Why are my views lower than my subscriber count? 4:53 What other factors influence how many people see my videos? 6:10 How important are tags? For more info, check out these articles: Subscribe and hit the bell to see new videos: ► …