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The Best Advertising Objective on NextDoor (My Opinion) [Video]

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Since managing a healthy 5-figure budget on NextDoor (using the NAC) and with a diverse set of vertical markets, I have discovered that awareness objectives work best for local businesses targeting a specific city. NextDoor, in my experience, has not been able to deliver conversions in the fashion of someone clicking through to a website and filling out the form. A conversion metric on the website using NextDoor's Pixel and codes, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. I have found that conversions from NextDoor typically happen as a by-product of awareness campaigns. Most conversions occur in the nature of a phone call time after seeing the ad, contacting the company days later, or re-visiting the website. My theory is that the algorithm doesn't do a good enough job of being able to target people who will make a specific action because the same size is, in nature, smaller. So, having …