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The holy trifecta of YouTube success 🙌 [Video]

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The holy trifecta of YouTube success 🙌

The holy trifecta of YouTube success is:


These 3 Ts, as I like to call them, are so important btw that you want to think about them before you press record.

Here’s an example…

1. What’s the topic?

Let’s say you want to create an exercise video for new moms trying to lose weight. That’s your topic, nice and focused with the audience in mind.

Now let’s think about title. What title would induce this new mom to click. Perhaps honing in on something that’s a problem for her..

2. What’s the title?

5 Min Postpartum Exercise Routine you can do Every Morning | lose pregnancy weight naturally

The title has some keywords sprinkled in with readability and a simple hook.

Ok, we’ve got the topic, we’ve got the title. Now time to think about the thumbnail.

What’s the most obvious thing a new mom would want to see on the thumbnail that screams “click me”?

3. What’s the thumbnail?

A picture of a mom with a baby in one hand and an exercise dumbell in another

See how everything ties together – topic, title and thumbnail – to create the desire to watch this video?

It’s not complicated, it’s logical.

Once you’ve got these elements in place, it’s time to write your script. You can use my Video Script Template ( to help with that.