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The Most Popular Chocolate Brand for Valentine’s Day 2020 [Video]

Don’t know what chocolate to snag for Valentine’s Day? Here’s the best chocolate brand to sweeten up your gift this year.

As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, every brand is battling for the title of best chocolatier. Ghirardelli is definitely in the running with the return of White Chocolate Creme Brulee Squares, and Hershey isn’t far behind with its Lava Cake Kisses. But when it comes to the most popular chocolate, there’s one clear winner.

SEMrush, a company that provides data trends, analyzed Google searches to determine everyone’s favorite Valentine’s Day chocolate. And believe it or not, neither Ghirardelli nor Hershey claimed the top spot.

Valentine’s Day Belongs To…

Based on Google search volume, and with all bias aside, Lindt took the prize as the most popular chocolate brand. You won’t hear any complaining from us—we’re big fans. Lindt even dropped some new candy for the most romantic day of the year, its decadent Dark Strawberry Lindor Truffles.

Of course, there …

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