The next big evolution of Shopify Flow is here (2023) [Video]

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Workflow scheduling and data fetching for Shopify Flow has arrived 

Starting on Oct 18, 2022, we’re launching the ability to schedule automations and fetch customer, order, and product data with Shopify Flow. Together, these capabilities will enable brands to automate even more tasks and processes than ever before. Best of all, workflow scheduling and data fetching will be available to merchants on the Advanced, and Plus plans. 

So what’s the big deal?

Brands have been asking for the ability to schedule workflows and we’re delivering it! With scheduling, you’ll easily be able to complete those manual, once-per-day reporting tasks like getting a list of all low-inventory products, or determining how many unfulfilled or late orders you have. 

Not only that, with data fetching, brands can pull the specific product, order, or customer data that they need to automate a job. Historically, this capability has really only been accessible to advanced technical users that know how to …