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The SEO Weekly – Episode 21 – Open the Google Search Console URL Inspector API Floodgates [Video]

The SEO Weekly – Episode 21 – Open the Google Search Console URL Inspector API Floodgates

The SEO Weekly – Episode 21 – Open the Google Search Console URL Inspector API Floodgates


Host: Garrett Sussman | Demand Generation Manager at iPullrank

In this week’s episode, we cover the new Google Search Console URL Inspection API, whether you should become an SEO specialist or and SEO generalist, and the overlap of Wordle and SEO.

Links from the weekly recap:
Google Updates:
(0:42) New Search Console URL Inspection API

How to use the new URL Inspection API of Google Search Console with #Python. – Tobias Willmann

Google URL Inspection API with Python – JC Chouinard

How to use the newest URL Inspection endpoint from the Google Search Console API with Node.js – Jose Luis Hernando

Tools using the API:

Screaming Frog URL Inspection Integration

Google Bulk Inspect URLs – Inspect multiple URLs at once and export the result to Excel and/or a CSV file – Valentin

(3:51) Google Penalizing News Publishers With Manual Actions For Discover & Google News
Twitter Threads/Tweets:
(4:30) Do you think it’s better to be an all-rounder SEO or a specialist in a particular niche? – Emma Thompson

(6:53) Tell us you’re in SEO without saying you’re in SEO – Ahrefs

(8:14) Wordle was acquired by NYT (for the links?) – Kane Jamison

(9:03) Searchdle – Ryan Jones
General SEO:

(9:30) The Erasure of Hamlet Batista’s Legacy by the SEO Software Industry

(12:32) 29 newsletters that will make you a better SEO – Lidia Infante

(13:42) IndexWatch 2021: The SEO Losers In Google’s US Search Results

(14:54) Bringing Diversity to the SEO Community

(16:02) Leveraging Synergies Between SEO and Other Channels: An Integrated Marketing Approach – Éléonore Frère

(17:54) Annoying SEO Encounters #1 - When you are not granted Google Analytics access – Natalie Mott

(19:33) 11 Stunning SEO Data Visualizations To Inspire Your Reporting by Brie Anderson
Technical SEO Articles:
(20:15) The eCommerce Technical SEO Framework: Making the Ambiguous Approachable – Tory Gray

(21:13) Core Web Vitals Data Study w/ CrUX & 5.2M Pages — Ahrefs – Patrick Stox
(23:36) Frase Free tools including their Blog Outline Generator

(24:09) Using Keyword Time Activated Peaks (KTAP) for SEO Reporting – John Murch

(24:57) How to Create Newsworthy Content with Amanda Milligan

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