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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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This is How Celebrity Chef Maneet Chauhan Became a Food Media Star [Video]

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This is How Celebrity Chef Maneet Chauhan Became a Food Media Star

Chef Maneet Chauhan is a celebrated culinary artist, cookbook author, philanthropist, and restaurateur. The Food Network star and founding partner of Morph Hospitality Group traces her culinary inspiration to the vibrant streets of India.

“I really want to be the voice of Indian food throughout America,” she says.

Watch now to learn about the essence of being a chef, sharing stories online, and becoming a food TV personality.

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[02:56] – Who is Maneet Chauhan?
[07:41] – Growing Up in India
[10:54] – Sharing Video Content
[15:50] – Maneet Chauhan’s Restaurant Journey
[20:28] – Starting at Food Network

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Essence of Being a Chef – Chef Maneet Chauhan was born and raised in India. On her trips back, her affinity for the street vendors grew. She has a deep appreciation for their ability to create beautiful meals with little means.

The Camera Eats First – Maneet Chauhan’s social media pages are filled with photos and videos of tantalizing food. Her passion for the culinary arts permeates and she views social sharing as foundational to her growth.

Tip to Becoming a TV Chef – There is an old adage that says “if you’re good enough, they will find you”. Usually that is spoken in terms of sports, but it also holds true for Maneet Chauhan in her advice to young chefs looking to be on television.

Chef Maneet Chauhan is best known for her Food Network shows, such as Chopped. But she is also a successful restaurateur, with multiple restaurants under her tutelage. Hailing from India, the James Beard Award for Excellence recipient worked in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in her home country and in the United States. She has infused her homeland’s cruising into the Nashville food scene. Forming the Nashville-based Morph Hospitality Group with her husband, Maneet Chauhan has staked her claim as one of the best in the business.

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