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Timothe Chalamets got FOMO in amusing new Apple TV+ ad [Video]

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As the battle for new subscribers ramps up, streaming platforms are increasingly having to bring out the big guns to stand a chance of competing. This is the premise of Apple TV+’s new spot, which sees it tap into the cult of Timothée Chalamet in order to promote its star-studded slate of original content.

From Leonardo DiCaprio to Selena Gomez to Jason Momoa, it seems as though everyone is releasing content on Apple TV+ these days. Everyone that is, except for Chalamet.

Directed by Tom Kuntz, Call Me With Timothée Chalamet follows on from the brand’s equally amusing Everyone but Jon Hamm spot from last year, in which the Mad Men star obsesses over whether he’s done something to offend them.

Given that Hamm is now slated to co-star with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in the new season of The Morning Show on the platform, Chalamet may not have to wait for a …