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Top Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing – #FAQFriday [Video]

Top Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing – #FAQFriday

Email is a powerful marketing tool, especially when you know the Do’s and Don’ts of creating an email campaign. This #FAQFriday video by the experts at #PriorityMarketing will help you implement your next email more effectively!

Do you know how you could earn 42 dollars for every dollar you spend? That’s the average return on investment for email marketing!
Email continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools. And, if done correctly, email marketing can be used to increase profits AND build long-lasting relationships.
In today’s FAQ Friday video, we’ll share some tips for creating effective marketing emails.

Our first tip, DO grow your email subscriber list the right way.
A large subscriber list is great, if you have engaged opted-in subscribers. But remember quality is better than quantity! . It’s important to periodically cleanse your list of those who rarely or never open your emails. Your list may decrease, but your engagement will increase!

Our second tip? DON’T send the same email to everyone on your list.
Email campaigns perform best when you customize your email content for each target audience. Targeted emails distributed to a segmented list feel more personal and will lead to better responses.

Tip 3: There are many ways to approach content, and sometimes the best way to decide which approach works best is to test multiple versions. You DO want to A/B test emails to see what performs best.
Try sending emails with different graphic variations or teasers. You could play around with colors or the length of the email. By changing things up, you may detect one option resonates with your audience better than another.

Tip 4: You’ve got your email, but do you have a way to pull your audience in? Don’t underestimate the importance of a compelling subject line.
A great subject line is the difference between an open click or the delete button. Your subject line should engage the recipient and persuade them to open the email. Just remember to avoid taboo terms like FREE and avoid all caps and multiple exclamation points so your email doesn’t get marked as SPAM.

Ok, your email is ready. Before pushing send, do a final review.
Check every element in your email to make sure it is working correctly. Look for typos, broken links, misplaced graphics, and other potential errors.
Also test your email on both the computer and your mobile device. Make sure it’s user friendly and attractive on both devices. Because once that email is sent, there’s no getting it back.

Your email is sent, you’re done! Not quite. Don’t ignore the reporting function of email marketing platforms.
The reporting and analytics of your marketing emails will help you assess your audience engagement and improve future campaigns. What worked? What didn’t work? It’s all in the numbers.

Email marketing can be a highly successful strategy, but if it’s not your area of specialization, it could involve a lot of time that will eat into your ROI.

 Let the experienced email marketing specialists at Priority Marketing turn on your brand with effective email marketing! Give us a call or visit us online. And, if you don’t want to miss out on more marketing tips and tricks, follow us on social media.  
Thank you for watching and we’ll see you next Friday.

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