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TVs That Watch Viewers Could Help Prove Ad Effectiveness Beet.TV [Video]

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LONDON, UK — In an ad industry that is now invested in developing metrics to quantify audience attention, paying attention to the audience could yield the ultimate in user behavior signalling.

Several tech vendors are now offering technology employing facial recognition to help quantify attention paid to programming and ads.

In this video interview at Beet.TV’s London summit in December, Nicolas Grand, SVP, Transformation, Global Investment, Omnicom Media Group, toled me how his agency is tapping into the tech.

Omnicom is working with a number of vendors offering eye-tracking tech:

  • Amplified Intelligence
  • Lumen
  • PlaygroundXYZ
  • Viomba

“On television it’s a little bit more complex because you need to use facial recognition – is that your mom, is that your friend visiting you, is that your dog?,” he said. “Actually, I know from experience dogs do watch television.

“There are two companies in the world that, that can do this well.