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Twitter Marketing Made Easier With These Resources Twitter Marketing part 8 [Video]

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Twitter Marketing Made Easier With These Resources Twitter Marketing part 8

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Twitter Marketing Made Easier With These Resources -Twitter Marketing part-8

Hello, welcome to Hossain IT Institute YouTube channel.
Join Twitter Marketing with YouTube. Watch this tutorial and learn how to use Twitter Marketing in conjunction with YouTube to get more followers on Twitter.
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LinkedIn - The Number One Social Marketing Network [Video]

We will start by detailing why LinkedIn is the number one marketing tool hands down, ever. Go to to get the FREE White Paper "Why Everybody Needs A Coach." You can share the white paper with your colleagues and friends.Suppose you will attend an important meeting and want to know a little about the attendees. They may be a potential employer, maybe a customer, entrepreneur, coach, or potential investor. You can Google them to learn more about them, and LinkedIn will most likely appear in the top search. I've been doing online marketing for the longest time. I purchased my domain name,, many years ago. There are not a lot of Jorge Olsons in the world, so that was an advantage! Thanks to all the marketing articles, linkbacks, videos, and books I have written, a quick search will bring a million results for my name. LinkedIn is still number one, and my own website is still ranked number two behind LinkedIn. I can't even rank higher than LinkedIn under my own name. With this knowledge, your LinkedIn profile should be pimped, supercharged, accurate, up to date, and relevant. It should be pimped because others will judge you, not on what you say on your website, but on what LinkedIn says about you. “LinkedIn is no longer an online resume. It’s your digital reputation.” What about LinkedIn for business? I wrote my first book about fifteen years ago, Build Your Beverage Empire. The keyword beverage development has made me over a million dollars since I've spent so much money on SEO for beverage development. Who do you think ranks higher? My websites. I have twenty websites on the beverage industry alone. I created a company on LinkedIn for every single keyword. I forgot about it and didn't post anything for months. That keyword is still higher on Google for my LinkedIn company than from all of the twenty company websites I own. So now I don't spend any money on SEO. I just let LinkedIn do its magic. Whether you are a new entrepreneur, top executive, mentor, or coach, your LinkedIn profile is where people get the first impression of you, your brand, or your company. The profile is the starting point to growing your business. It is where people can see everything about you and your business. Use this “hack” to increase your number of followers, your networking channels and to promote your business. Go to to get the FREE White Paper "Why Everybody Needs A Coach." You can share the white paper with your colleagues and friends.