How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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US Government Bans TikTok: How to Secure Your Brand and Own Your Audience [Video]

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US Government Bans TikTok: How to Secure Your Brand and Own Your Audience

Welcome to an essential guide on how to future-proof your brand in light of the recent US government ban on TikTok! 🚨📲 In this video, Carlos Gil, Brand Evangelist at GetResponse and Bestselling Author of “The End of Marketing,” shares critical insights and actionable strategies to help creators secure their brands by owning their audience.


1. Introduction: Understanding the implications of the TikTok ban and why it’s crucial for creators to rethink their reliance on social media platforms.

2. Rented Land Reality: Discover why building your brand on social media platforms is risky and the importance of owning your audience through email and phone numbers.

3. Email List Building: Step-by-step guide on how to create and grow an email list, ensuring you have a direct communication channel with your audience.

4. Engaging Subscribers: Learn effective techniques for keeping your email subscribers engaged and interested in your content.

5. SMS Marketing: Tips on how to collect phone numbers and implement an effective SMS marketing strategy to complement your email efforts.

6. Multi-Channel Strategy: Explore the benefits of a multi-channel approach, integrating email, SMS, and social media to create a cohesive brand strategy.

7. Monetizing Owned Channels: Strategies for monetizing your email and SMS lists, including sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and subscription services.

Key Takeaways:

✅ Social media platforms are rented land; secure your brand by owning your audience.
✅ Build and engage your email list to maintain direct communication with your followers.
✅ Leverage SMS marketing for a powerful, direct channel of engagement.
✅ Diversify your marketing strategy across multiple channels for maximum impact.
✅ Monetize your owned channels to create additional revenue streams.

Actionable Tips:

✅ Start building your email list today with valuable content offers.
✅ Use GetResponse to create engaging email campaigns and automation workflows.
✅ Implement SMS marketing to reach your audience directly on their phones.
✅ Promote your email sign-up form on social media profiles to drive subscriptions.
✅ Join the GetResponse Affiliate Program to earn commissions by promoting a powerful email marketing tool.

Join the Conversation:

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Let’s secure our brands and future-proof our marketing strategies together! 🚀

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