Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Use predictive analytics #predictiveanalytics #roi #marketing #datadriven [Video]

Use predictive analytics #predictiveanalytics #roi #marketing #datadriven

Leverage on the data collected from algorithms and datasets in order to predict and analyze customer behaviors in your advantage.

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Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Navigating the Change between Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics [Video]

Product Manager Breen Baker walks you through many of the new additions and changes to Google Analytics 4 that help set it apart from its predecessor, Universal Analytics. You'll learn about the advanced data collection and modification controls, user governance, and privacy features that help set Google Analytics 4 apart. 0:06 Introduction
 0:45 Agenda
 1:05 Enhanced Measurement & Events
 6:08 Organizational Governance
 9:31 Privacy Controls 
10:33 Takeaways