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Video Marketing Retainer Program [Video]

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Video Marketing Retainer Program

VIDEO MARKETING RETAINERS… are a WIN-WIN solution for creating video marketing strategies and content so that your brand can increase awareness, engagement and revenue.

Our retainer program helps SyncLab Media allocate resources and plan business more efficiently, passing along savings to our clients.

Video marketing and production retainers help our clients to:
-Reduce Production Cost
-Save Valuable Time
-Improve Content Quality
-Receive Priority Service




When on retainer, SyncLab Media becomes an extension of your own team. Knowing your company culture and mission enhances our ability to deliver consistent branding and messaging within your content.

This improves the quality of your videos and social content. Producing quality content on a regular basis increases your brand awareness and engagement, leading to revenue.


Each new video or marketing project typically requires a significant upfront investment of time for your business, and for your chosen vendor. Longer term planning has many benefits for both..

Our retainer program members take priority over individual project clients, allowing you to reserve production dates instantly and priority status during other phases of your project.


Are you committed to the process?

Our retainer program is designed to bring value over time through consistent effort from both parties. This is why we mandate a minimum 3 month agreement, and highly encourage a 6 to 12 month commitment.

SyncLab Media provides monthly consultation to review your strategy and content plan for the coming month. We are committed to guide you through the video marketing process and work as an extension of your team.

What happens if you don’t use all of your retainer budget within a month?

Just like any aspect of business, your video marketing needs may change from time to time. Some months may require more content production, others may call for more social media support or consulting on how to launch a new campaign.

Our retainer programs include the option to roll over any unused monthly budget for up to 60 days.

SyncLab Media Retainer Programs require a minimum
3 month agreement valued at $1500 per month or higher.
We recommend a 6 to 12 month initial term for best results.

First, we consult with you to establish a monthly retainer budget which supports both your business operations and marketing objectives.

Next, the onboarding process includes developing your monthly video marketing strategy, content plan, and the mix of core service categories needed to accomplish our mission.

Each retainer program typically includes a mix of the following three core service categories:


The importance of strategy and planning in business is not new and video marketing is no exception. Every facet of marketing requires robust planning yet it’s surprising how often even professional marketers embark on video marketing without a clearly articulated strategy or direction.

Our team brings decades of experience in media production, business operations, and digital marketing to the table when consulting our clients. Our mission is your success.
Video marketing content that gets results is:
Based on a well thought-out strategy,
Created using quality production techniques, and
Promoted to a well targeted audience.
SyncLab Media is an award-winning producer of content ranging from social media videos to TV shows to documentary films. Our turnkey video production services include expert scripting, talent, shooting, and editing.
ROR is the new ROI. Return on Relationships happens when you build customer relationships that continue throughout their lifecycle, enhancing your overall brand awareness, subject matter authority, perceived good will in community, consumer interactions…
Our social media specialists will create, post and/or manage your social media content and/or channels to help build your brand awareness and customer relationships online.
Schedule a time for your free 30 minute consultation to explore whether a video marketing retainer is the right solution for your business.
If not, that’s perfectly fine. If we are the right fit, we’ll get to work right away creating video marketing strategies and content so that your brand can build awareness, engagement and revenue.