How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Data visualization, in the form of banner ads, digital presentations and infographics in particular, have gained popularity around the web in recent years.

Bloggers, marketers and some of the biggest companies in the world make use of such visual mediums in order to explain process, simplify information, and drive home facts and stats. 

Take infographics as an example. The aim for marketers has always been to make relevant information more snazzy and approachable, and infographics have now become the world’s chosen method of doing that. Just take a look at Google Trends’ record for the word “infographic”. The graph – rather ironically – speaks for itself.

Obviously though, not all of these data visualization mediums are equal. Some are rough, unprofessional and dreary to look at, whilst others are beautifully crafted, easy to read and yet extremely simple in nature. is a tool which aims to create the latter type.

Formerly known as EWC Presenter, …

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