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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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We Are Our Own Enemies: Man Breaks Silence as Dollar Crashes and Food Price Remains the Same [Video]

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  • A man sparked a debate by criticizing the lack of price adjustments in Nigerian markets, despite a drop in the dollar rate
  • The complaint highlights a common frustration with market vendors who are accused of not reducing prices even when the cost of restocking has decreased
  • The issue has raised concerns about the transparency of market operations and the economic impact on consumers

In a recent outpouring on social media, a concerned citizen voiced the frustrations felt by many Nigerians regarding the persistent high prices in the market, despite the stabilization of the foreign exchange rate.

The individual, known as @Oladapomikky1, sparked a heated debate with a poignant statement:

The man spoke about market prices. Photo credit: @oladapomikky1Source: Getty Images

“We are our own enemies. If this is not yet reflecting on the market prices with so many inglorious excuses then we ourselves are not honest people.”

This sentiment echoes the broader discontent among consumers who have noticed that, although the dollar rate …

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