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We Made $214,182 Off Two FREE Facebook Marketing Hacks [Video]

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We Made $214,182 Off Two FREE Facebook Marketing Hacks

What if you could get me on your leadership team so I could answer all your questions and take your business to the $100,000 a month level and beyond? If you’re ready for that kind of growth, join my limited “Inner Circle” below before the price goes back up. Click here now to secure a seat:

Have you ever wanted to become a real entrepreneur and work for yourself? If so, I grew up in Beacon Hill / Rainier Valley in Seattle WA (a low income minority neighborhood) and I hustled my way to the top in 5 industries; eventually becoming a real serial-entrepreneur with an IPO under my belt with friends and over $210 million dollars in sales before I turned 35 years old.

This is no “get rich quick” story – this is a HUSTLE LIKE A MOTHER AND MAKE YOUR IMPRESSION ON THE WORLD story. If you want me to guide you as well, follow the quick steps below and get started RIGHT NOW together.

If you’re reading this, “distraction” is going to be your #1 enemy like it is with all entrepreneurs. Decide now if you’re going to be one of those “hey, I want to do that someday” people, or if you’re going to be an ACTION TAKER and do something about it right now.

I’m not asking for your money – I’m asking for you to commit to yourself and to your dreams.

Let’s go and I got your back, you’ll see!

🔥 Step 1: Subscribe to the channel now so you can be the first to get notified which new free content is released:

🔥 Step 2: Email me for your free $397 Elite Entrepreneur course (you can only get this here, my website sells this for $397!):

My email: [email protected]
Subject: My Free $397 Course
Body: Please reply back with a login to my free $397 free course. Thank you.

🔥 Step 3: Copy and paste this into the comments above and tag me so I know who you are: “Thanks James for sending me the free $397 “Elite Entrepreneur Course” bro!”

🔥 Step 4: Let’s get you hooked up with free online software to run your business (doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll need a very nice website with a custom domain, video hosting, email, calendar, and more. No credit card required. Go here now and I’ll give you a bunch of other free courses and the link to the same software we are using called GroovePages:

That’s it for now friends. I’ll be in touch once you get your course.

Talk soon and see you on the other side.

James “your new entrepreneur mentor” Smiley

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How to stand out with text effects and animations [Video]

If you’re looking to create designs that stand out and attract attention, text effects and animations can be a game changer. In this tutorial, you’ll be introduced to each of Canva’s text effects and how they can be used to make beautiful social media posts and presentations. You’ll also learn how to select different text animations to complement your designs and help bring them to life.💡 WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How to select and apply Canva’s text effects and animations How to choose the best text effects and animations for your design How to build animated graphics into your design How to bring animation into your videos using Canva’s video editorNano is Sydney-based graphic designer at Canva. With a background in advertising, he loves clean and uncomplicated designs. Nano believes in the power of thoughtful design that is clever and conveys a message. He makes work that speaks for itself, with a good dash of humor and wit. He enjoys being part of the education team at Canva as he has the opportunity to encourage and inspire others to feel more confident in their own design ability.👍 Enjoyed this video? Hit the "Like" button to see more in your feed.🔔 Subscribe so you never miss our new videos:⛏ PLAYLISTS FOR YOU TO DIG DEEPER: Try our "Canva for Beginners" Free Course: Dive into our free Canva Live Webinars and learn from a wide range of experts: Check out our Canva step-by-step tutorials for freelancers and small businesses: Learn from our brand ambassadors, the Canva Certified Creatives (CCCs): Discover short Canva Tips & Tricks: Canva:Canva is the world’s most inclusive design platform that lets anyone design anything and publish anywhere. Canva can help you express ideas, unleash your creativity and achieve your goals. Available in 100 languages and on any device, start with one of Canva’s 615,000 templates and see where your creativity takes you.❤️ Try Canva now for free:

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Best Marketing Services for Your Bear Market Growth Strategy [Video]

Though many people fear bear markets, the Coinbound team sees it as the optimal time for growth and building authority within the developing industries! We work with various companies across crypto and web3, and we’ve found the key to success is truly adaptability! We work diligently to find new and exciting ways of supporting these teams every day, regardless of market conditions. When mediating these market conditions, it all comes down to understanding how a bear market shifts public opinion and attention, and applying this knowledge to adjust business strategies, especially in regard to marketing. In the latest episode of The Crypto Marketing Podcast, Ty is sharing his perspective on the current bear market and how marketing agencies and brands alike need to adjust their marketing tactics to account for bear market conditions. Key Takeaways:0:10 Web3 Agency Services For A Bear Market0:44 Current Bear Market Conditions 0:58 Key Marketing Opportunities & Shifts In A Bear Market 3:34 Biggest Bang For Your Buck Agency Services Right NowResources:Connect with Ty: Check out our agency, Coinbound: https://coinbound.ioListen on Spotify: More about the Crypto Marketing Podcast: Check out our Twitter: #web3marketing #bearmarket #bearmarket2022 #bearmarketstrategy #cryptomarketing #cryptomarketingstrategies #web3marketingstrategies #web3digitalmarketing #cryptodigitalmarketing #web3marketingagency #cryptomarketingagency #crypto #web3