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Webcams de Mxico tracks the nation’s beauty and its disasters [Video]

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Activity at the Popcatépetl Volcano on Friday captured by Webcams de México’s camera.

If you follow the news in Mexico online, you may have noticed that when disasters strike and the Mexican online newspapers run video footage of a hurricane pounding the beaches of Cancun or an earthquake shaking Mexico City or a volcano spewing lava, one name consistently pops up: Webcams de México.

Webcams de México’s stationery cameras captured two out of three of those sorts of events last week: after the September 19 earthquake that was felt from its epicenter in Michoacán as well as in 11 states.

Their webcams captured views of the earthquake happening and its damage in places like Mexico City, Michoacán and Colima. It also captured the odd “earthquake lights phenomenon”— flashing lights in the sky — that occurred over Mexico City as a result of another 6.9 magnitude earthquake a few days later.