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What Happened to 3,000 New Teslas Parked at BER Airport, Giga Berlin Followup [Video]

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Yesterday I reported that Tesla had strangely parked 3,000 New cars at the Berlin Airport because Giga Berlin couldn’t hold them. One wonders, what happened, so that Tesla brings 3,000 new Model Y electric vehicles and uses the parking lot of the Berlin’s Airport. Well, while I know that there is a parking space issue at Giga Berlin, I saw something in the German media that explains what Tesla offered several days ago to ease the space situation and get this vehicles moving to their new owners faster.

Tesla strangely parks 3,000 Model Ys at BER airpot and it has nothing to do with marketing, but rather with Giga Berlin’s capacity. See

— Torque News (@torquenewsauto) December 28, 2022

You know these things don’t happen all of the sudden, so I was searching for the background. Look what I found and how they are connected with Tesla bringing 3,000 …