Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

What is Behavioral Targeting? [Video]

For years, many companies have relied on traditional marketing to encourage consumers to make a purchase. They spend a huge amount of resources on acreating compelling broad-reach ads to capture their audience and convert them into buyers. And while several advertisements succeed in amplifying brand visibility and building equity, some fail to deliver the intended message and to prompt the desired action from target consumers. 

With the advances in technology shaping trends across different industries, the advertising and marketing landscape has changed significantly. Today, having a more focused advertising campaign is rewarded with higher engagement and conversion rates

With behavioral advertising, marketers can utilize data on consumer behaviors to drive content that presents more relevant and more effective messages. It is an approach that enables marketers and publishers to target consumers based on their online browsing and even online shopping patterns. 

For example: if a consumer searches for a garden hose via an e-commerce …

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