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What is Predictive Marketing: Basics – Definition [Video]

Predictive marketing is a marketing approach that involves a company using audience behavior, historical consumer research, purchasing history, website analytics, and other crucial data to anticipate the results of specific marketing campaigns. It enables marketers to make well-thought-out, smart, and effective marketing decisions.

In this article, we’ll uncover the benefits of predictive marketing and discover how it works. We’ll also review some examples.

The majority of businesses analyze huge amounts of information about their clients. They explore audience behavior, purchasing history, website analytics, and social media impressions to know their customers and understand them better. It helps make the right marketing decisions, meet customers’ requirements, and offer relevant products.

By discovering customer data, brands can find connections between behavior and needs which results in more effective marketing strategies. After finding out these points, marketers can segment consumers into groups based on their shopping habits, preferences, pain points, geography, age, occupation, …

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