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What is the Difference Between a Salesforce Admin and Developer [Video]

What is the Difference Between a Salesforce Admin and Developer

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Marketing Platforms and CRM

Sales Reporting with HubSpot|Data Visualization|Customer Relationship Management (CRM)|Courseraquiz| [Video]

#SalesReportingwithHubSpot #CustomerRelationshipManagement(CRM|#DataVisualization (DataViz)CourseraquizIn this course, you will use your business data and identify key metrics in order to report on sales with HubSpot’s dashboards. First, you will learn how to operate a data-driven business and how to audit, clean, and organize your data within HubSpot’s CRM. You will then learn to identify the key metrics used to analyze your data on sales and customer service success, within the stages of the Inbound Methodology. This will cover types of testing, using the Sales Hub tools, and reporting in each stage of the methodology. Next, you will walk through the steps to create a Sales Reporting with HubSpot,Customer Relationship Management (CRM,Data Visualization (DataViz),Data Management,Sales,Data Analysis,coursera quiz answers,coursera review,sales report analysis,sales report example,sales report,sales dashboard,sales dashboard in power bi,hubspot,hubspot academy