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What is the Forecaster Method? (And Why It’s Important) [Video]

What is the Forecaster Method? (And Why It’s Important)

In this video, John introduces The Forecaster Method, a strategy to help marketers accurately evaluate, forecast, and scale their digital marketing programs like never before.

John’s always looking at analytics, including traffic, sources, click-through rate, conversions, and more. His love for analytics, combined with helping and teaching others, inspired him to write and publish his book The Forecaster Method.

The Forecaster Method looks at all the different ways you can get traffic, breaks down the perfect portfolio, and then teaches you to scale from where you are, to where you want to be.

The Forecaster Method gives you John-approved software and gives insight into specific tactics that he’s learned over the years,

This book also includes an industry study that surveyed hundreds of marketers and shows the evolution of how they built different digital marketing channels to really scale their businesses.

John’s mission was to use The Forecaster Method to detail what an expanded digital marketing campaign looks like, step-by-step.

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