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What It Takes to Build A Successful Email Program | All Systems Go! Ep 137 [Video]

What It Takes to Build A Successful Email Program | All Systems Go! Ep 137

How can you leverage email to create more profitability in your business and in a way that’s sustainable? As profitable email marketing programs are quickly emerging as a heavy need in the marketplace, this a question that is being asked more commonly than ever. Chris has personally developed an automated email marketing framework, that has yet to be defeated, and is sharing a few of his biggest pointers to building a successful email program.

[1:01] Chris defines what an email program is
[2:16] How email softwares have evolved over the last 10-15 years
[7:11] “Sometimes you choose the work and sometimes the work chooses you because you respond to the call.”
[9:51] The importance of knowing the location of all of your leads, all of the time
[10:57] 1 skill that you must master to have success and longevity as an automated marketer
[14:07] The fastest way to burn out your leads and email list
[17:21] The difference between building an email program that is measurable and one that is not
[20:22] Other key pieces to consider when fine tuning your email strategy
[21:01] The role of Email Platform Managers and Email Revenue Strategists – and why you need them
[23:15] Why you should be organizing your content calendar by segment
[24:14] Chris explains how many emails are too many emails
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Digital Marketing for Professionals

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