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What’s new in WordPress 6.0? [Video]

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What’s new in WordPress 6.0?

The number one world leader in website management software is WordPress. With hundreds of competing CMS solutions for building a website, it’s amazing that WordPress is still powering over two thirds of the world’s websites. Now with version 6.0 being released we are keen to find out what the open source community has made a priority with the new software release.

Excite Media’s Technical Lead, Andrew “Andy” Marks will be joining us to walk through the new features of WordPress 6.0 This latest release is a major software milestone for the CMS (Content Management System) and we want to know what are the benefits of upgrading.

Like a lot of software releases, there are the usual bug fixes and minor improvements, but what new features will we see to make website management that much easier. Will these new toys be good for both the business website and the hobby blogger?

As an Agency, Excite Media manages many client websites, overlooking how the website remains stable so that clients and new customers can find a business. When a new CMS software release comes out there is sometimes a lag where website themes or plugins (smaller integrated features) need to catch up to the latest release. We will be asking Andy what is the best practice way to deal with an update and what you should do with WordPress 6.0