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Wheres the Real Potential In First-Party Data? Views from Coty, General Mills and More [Video]

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While few would dispute the value of first-party data, how it’s collected and leveraged can vary for each organization. 

Craig Price, head of sales centre of excellence at alcohol beverage manufacturer Distell, sees the most potential in layering the data and its ability to demonstrate value to your retailer partners. 

“I think a stitched-up view is where the most potential is right now. There’s a lot of data floating around there, but if you can overlay first-party data with a whole lot of the other data that exists out there, particularly around where people shop, where people live, and their first-party data. Once you’ve got that combined view, you really are able to engage with your consumers and your customers, your resellers, in a much more meaningful way. 

“Because that combined view doesn’t really exist right now. And particularly your customers, in a B2B2C environment, they don’t have the resources …