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Who is Braden Wallake? HyperSocial CEO Gets Slammed for Posting Crying Selfie After Firing Employees Over His ‘Faulty Decision’ [Video]

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Braden Wallake, the chief executive officer of an Ohio-based marketing agency HyperSocial, was slammed on social media after he posted a crying selfie as he fired employees from his firm. Wallake’s selfie, dubbed as ‘cringeworthy’, came along with a lengthy note outlining the reasons for the layoffs.

As per agency’s LinkedIn profile, HyperSocial was founded in 2019 and had up to 50 employees.

Wallake Says Lay Offs Result of His ‘Faulty Decision’

The New York Post reported that Wallake announced his decision to lay off the employees in a lengthy LinkedIn post.

“This will be the most vulnerable thing I’ll ever share. I’ve gone back and forth whether to post this or not. We just had to layoff a few of our employees,” read the post. Admitting that the layoffs were due to his faulty decisions taken in February, the CEO said that he stuck with that decision for far too long.

“Now, I know my team will say that ‘we made that