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Whos At Home? Truthset Aims For More Accurate IDs Beet.TV [Video]

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In the last few years, “identity graph” technology has emerged to help advertisers tackle the problem of conceptualizing a single consumer across multiple devices.

For many in connected TV, the focus has settled on household-level identity data.

But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Scott McKinley, CEO of ad-tech firm Truthset, says today’s data isn’t accurate enough.

“The accuracy of general identity in terms of … understanding which people go into a household, which IPs are associated with that household, which devices are associated with those people… I think we’re right around 50%, sometimes better or worse,” McKinley claims.

“That’s not good enough to overthrow any legacy systems.

“We have to try harder to understand the quality and improve the quality of these fuel sources before we just shove them into these engines and expect a different car to win the race.”

Many in CTV are focusing on household-level identity for two reasons:

  1. Subscriptions for internet and TV services tend to be held at the household …