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Wolfgang Bites: 3 Key Trends For 2022 [Video]

Wolfgang Bites: 3 Key Trends For 2022

In this week’s #WolfgangBites​ Brendan talks us about 3 key trends that are going to shape the direction of Digital in 2022!

We’ll talk about Privacy, First Party Data, YouTube advertising and even about CFO’s. We’ll give you an overview of why they should be on your agenda for this year.

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Navigating the Change between Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics [Video]

Product Manager Breen Baker walks you through many of the new additions and changes to Google Analytics 4 that help set it apart from its predecessor, Universal Analytics. You'll learn about the advanced data collection and modification controls, user governance, and privacy features that help set Google Analytics 4 apart. 0:06 Introduction
 0:45 Agenda
 1:05 Enhanced Measurement & Events
 6:08 Organizational Governance
 9:31 Privacy Controls 
10:33 Takeaways