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WPFunnels (Lifetime Deal) Review, Demo, Tutorial – Visualize, build & implement sales funnels in WP [Video]

WPFunnels (Lifetime Deal) Review, Demo, Tutorial – Visualize, build & implement sales funnels in WP

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✅Alternative to – ClickFunnels and CartFlows

I would host Lincoln (Founder) and Chokder Shakhawat Sultan (Marketing Manager) in this live session. They will showcase how to create your first sales funnels in less than 15 mninutes. They will also announce new features during the live session.

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▶What is WPFunnels?

WPFunnels is the first-ever canvas-based sales funnel builder for WordPress. Create sales funnels in minutes using:

✅ Visual funnel building canvas
✅ Pre-made funnel templates
✅ Order bump, one-click upsell & downsell offers
✅ Conditional offers based on buyers’ actions
✅ Global funnel – a complete Unique feature that lets any WooCommerce store owner use a single sales funnel for the entire store (based on Category).
✅ Conditional steps – make targeted offers based on user actions within the funnel, thus increasing conversion
✅ Lead generation funnel using an Opt-in form
✅ Integration with FluentCRM to assign tags and lists to buyers

▶Who are WPFunnels?

We are CODEREX, a team of more than 20+ creative people and the parent company behind WPFunnels. As a software company, we’ve been building powerful web experiences and open source solutions since 2012.

▶Who can use WPFunnels?

This plugin is made for any online business, whether you are a:

✅ Digital Marketer
✅ Marketing coach
✅ Fitness Trainer
✅ Fitness Product seller
✅ Health Supplement Provider
✅ Online Coach
✅ Educational Portal
✅ Web Agency
✅ eCommerce Shop

▶How To Documentation?

▶What’s coming?
✅ We have a roadmap where you can see the current exciting features we are working on and what our users are requesting.
✅ You can let us know your Request as well. Here is the link:

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Sales Funnel Software and Tools

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