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You don’t need 1000 subs to make money from YouTube [Video]

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You don’t need 1000 subs to make money from YouTube

You don’t need thousands of subscribers to start making money on YouTube (or anywhere else for that matter).

As a business owner you should really STOP reading articles about people going viral with 1 million views/subs and making money through AdSense.

That is NOT the way to “monetize” your YouTube channel.

There is a much faster, easier, intuitive and clear path to income from a YouTube channel and it starts with the very first video you publish.

🤑 I published only 10 videos on my channel before Entrepreneur Media picked up my channel for syndication.

🤑 I had only 7 public videos on my channel before Inbound accepted me as a speaker.

🤑 I had less than 3k subscribers when I got my first brand deal on YouTube.

🤑 I’ve taught clients how to earn affiliate income from their first video.

🤑 My clients are getting brand deals at 1500 subs.

This is real.

The truth is it’s possible to make money on YouTube from day 01, video 01 BUT you need to come out of the “viral youtuber” mentality and into the “business youtuber” mindset.

YouTube is a platform that builds your credibility almost instantly.

One great video can catapult you from unknown to someone people will take seriously.

*Just because you have a YouTube channel*

I’ve put together a guide on 13 different ways to make money from YouTube (and I’m personally using 7 of them).

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