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Franco Urbaez Makes $500,000 and Gets Highest Conversion Rate World Record for a Live Event at 95.8% [Video]

Franco Urbaez is a cereal entrepreneur that joins our podcast to chat about his tactics and strategies that has helped him scale to $2 Million+ per year!He also shares an extraordinary success story where he breaks the world record for highest conversion rate at a live event making hime $500,000!Learn more about Franco👉Pepper👉 7 Trainings To 7 Figures

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[LIVE EVENT] Marketing Automation with a Human Touch [Video]

One of the most impactful things that has ever happened to sales and marketing is automation. Automation, whether on the front-end or back-end, allows us to build customer relationships at scale while saving time and reducing costs. But despite its obvious benefits, having automation in your arsenal is like wielding a double-edged sword–instead of nurturing relationships, automation can often be used in a way that dehumanizes people.In this Callbox Masterclass, we’ll take a look at the different ways you can strategically combine both human and machine elements and take your automation strategy to a grander scale by using that human touch that puts your customer (a human) in the center.May 26, 2022, 2:00-4:00 PM SGT @JustCo, 120 Robinson Road, #15-01, Singapore 068913

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Free Email Marketing System That Works Best Marketing Automation Software For Affiliate Marketing [Video]

Your Free Email Marketing Platform is here: is a digital marketing and email campaign platform that is Affiliate Marketer Friendly and can replace mail chimp, constant contact, and other similar email campaign systems, and it’s free! It’s an all-in-one tool that replaces 6 tools: Sales Funnel, Email Marketing, Online Courses, Website Builder, Affiliate Program Management, and Marketing Automations.One tool that does it all! Click here to sign up for your free account: Sales Funnel click here: #alternativestoconstantcontact #bestemailmarketingsoftware #alternativetoclickfunnels#freemarketingautomationsoftware free trial

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Monthly Live Stream Q&A – June 2, 2022 [Video]

Join me for this FREE Live Stream Q&A monthly where I answer YOUR questions about your online course, the Thinkific platform, marketing and everything in between!Submit your questions here Brainy Girl at

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Complete Canva Assignments in Google Classroom | Canva for Education [Video]

Completing Canva assignments is easy when you can send them to your teacher using Google Classroom. 💡 WHAT YOU’LL LEARN How to find your assignment in Google Classroom How to open your Canva template How to share your assignment to Google Classroom_______________✏️ CANVA FOR STUDENTS PLAYLISTOur Canva for Students tutorials show students how Canva can be used in the classroom to create assignments, videos and presentations but also to collaborate on group projects. It provides students with the essential skills they need to use Canva to design engaging resources that will impress both their teachers and classmates. Make sure you watch the other videos in our Canva for Students playlist here: subscribe to our channel to be notified when we upload new tutorials🔔😎 MORE RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS Learn how to create presentations that will impress your teacher and classmates: Check out our series of graphic design webinars: Discover short Canva Tips & Tricks: Try our “Canva for Beginners” Free Course: Canva:Canva is the world’s most inclusive design platform that lets anyone design anything and publish anywhere. Canva can help you express ideas, unleash your creativity and achieve your goals. Available in 100 languages and on any device, start with one of Canva’s 615,000 templates and see where your creativity takes you.❤️ Try Canva now for free: designing ✨#Canva #CanvaForEducation #CanvaForStudents

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guess what made the 2nd top voted post on Reddit yesterday [Video]

👉 Calendar for workshops:👉 Reddit post:👉 Video I am referencing from 2 weeks ago:🔵 We fix Macbooks & offer free estimates.🔵 Send us your Macbook for repair!🔵 We’ll send you a box with a pre-paid shipping label for your repair!🔵 We offer iPhone data recovery:🔵 We offer lab hard drive data recovery:👉 LEARN HOW TO DO THIS:› In-person classes:› Beginner’s guide:› Support forum: $29/mo👉 CHIPS & COMPONENTS:›👉 TOOLS USED:✓ Soldering Irons:› Louis’ Hakko station(no tweezers): › Paul’s Hakko station(works with tweezers):› Micro Soldering Pencil:› Hot tweezers:› Atten ST-862D hot air station with bent nozzles:✓ CHEAP HAKKO ALTERNATIVES:› TS100 soldering iron:› Recommended tips: TS-C4: TS-KU✓ Preferred Soldering Tips› Fine: › Flat: › GPU wicking:› Micro soldering tip:✓ Microscopes:› Microscope: › Barlow lens:› LED light:› CHEAP alternative microscope:✓ Soldering/Repair Supplies:› Solder:› Desoldering braid:› Flux:› Solder paste:› THICK insulated jumper wire:› THIN insulated jumper wire:› Kapton tape:› Tweezers:› Blades:› Freeze Spray:› Conformal coating:› Conformal coating curing pen:✓ Diagnostic tools:› USB amp meter:› USB-C amp meter:› On-Screen multimeter: › Multimeter Probes:› CHEAP multimeter:› Bench PSU: CSI3005P› Phoneboard:› Boardview software:✓ Ultrasonic Cleaning:› ALL MACBOOKS & CELLPHONES: Crest P1200H-45:› PRE-TOUCHBAR MACBOOKS & CELLPHONES: Crest P500H-45:› CELLPHONES ONLY: Crest P230H-45:› Branson EC cleaning fluid:✓ Desk supplies:› Desk:› Chair:› Fume Extractor:› Work mat:› Outlets:› Gloves:› Durable lightning cable:› Fine tipped snippers:✓ Screwdrivers: › iPhone bottom screw:› Macbook bottom screw:› Torx T3:› Torx T5› Torx T6› Torx T8› Phillips #0:› Phillips #000:✓ RECORDING EQUIPMENT:› Work cam:› Overhead cam:› Work mic:› Home mic:› Microscope camera: – mine is DISCONTINUED, closest one I can find. › HDMI capture:👉 Discord:👉 Affiliate:› Buying on eBay? Support us while you shop!› Rossmann Repair Group Inc is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to👉 Leave a tip for us via cryptocurrency if we’ve helped you out:› Credit card:› Bitcoin: 1EaEv8DBeFfg6fE6BimEmvEFbYLkhpcvhj› Bitcoin Cash: qzwtptwa8h0wjjawr5fsm0ku8kf40amgqgm6lx4jxh› Dash: XwQpZuvMvU44JT7C7Uh6xHvkSadzJw9fMN› Dogecoin: DKetsoCvwa2hF29ssgUA4Wz4hxT4kj3KLU› Ethereum: 0x6f6870feb48f08388ee345cf0261e2f03d2fa310› Ethereum classic: 0x671bfd61ba87edf6365c97cea33d66ba73645510› Litecoin: LWnbTTAjojZQt68ihFJFgQq3cYHUsTcyd7› Verge: DFumZ5sMhi3JktLQpsTVtV9xUt3zKDrcZV› Zcash: t1Ko3FkphQYoQroQc8k2DVk4WKMAbmNR8PH› Zcoin: a8QdvArHmdRYe1MjiqtP6jDNe6Z4JgnRKZ

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Why Independent Artists Could Make More Money Then Signed Artists | Music Marketing [Video]

Why Independent Artists Could Make More Money Then Signed Artists Music Marketing BOOST SPOTIFY & APPLE STREAMS:🔥 Purchase Beats:▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬MUSIC MARKETING | Why Independent Artists Could Make More Money Then Signed Artists : music marketing, how to make money as an independent artist, music marketing, how to promote your music, music marketing strategy, music marketing 101, how to promote music, music biz 101, music business made easy, content marketing strategy, music business education, diy musician, how to do music full time, advanced music marketing, content marketing, marketing my music, free music marketing, sell music on your website, do i need a music manager, what is content marketing, music marketing strategies, music marketing plan, how to sell beats, music marketing tips, email marketing for beginners, find music manager, type beat, how to market your music, video marketing, drake type beat, detroit type beat, future type beat, build a fanbase for your music, social media music promotion, how to promote your music as an independent artist, how to make money, music marketing strategies, get more fans, get a fanbase quick, rmithemusic#musicmarketing #buildafanbaseforyourmusic #musicbusinessmadeeasy

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How to Sync Zoom Webinars with HubSpot [Video]

How does HubSpot integrate with zoom webinar? We’ll show you how in this video! The Hubspot Zoom integration makes it possible for you to sync the two together to run a powerful webinar marketing program. But it’s not as straightforward as you might hope, and setting up the entire conversion path to get the webinar linked, promoted, and tied together can be a challenge. In this video we’ll walk through: 0:00 Introduction0:15 Why do Webinars with Zoom and HubSpot0:48 Setting up your webinar in Zoom2:24 What you need in HubSpot for a webinar campaign3:02 Zoom Webinar Integration with HubSpot6:00 Zoom emails8:26 Creating a HubSpot Form and Landing Page for the webinar12:49 Syncing HubSpot form registrants with Zoom registrations17:35 Setting up notifications when someone registers19:59 Testing the webinar workflow21:14 Zoom webinar data in HubSpot activity feed👉🏻 Need some more help with HubSpot? Learn about our HubSpot consulting services: 📚ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:Get the free HubSpot Hacks Newsletter: Book a custom demo of service hub for your organization (free) or get help from our team: _______________ 🎬ABOUT HUBSPOT HACKS: HubSpot Hacks is a weekly YouTube series hosted by HubSpot Agency It’s full of tutorials, featuring tips, tricks and how-to’s from marketers and sales professionals just like you. Whether you need a quick tip or in-depth details about how to put the tool to work, these HubSpot tutorials are sure to help. Hosted by: 🙍🏼‍♀️Ali Schwanke ( 🙎🏼‍♂️ Tyler Sprunk ( _______________ 💬QUESTIONS OR FEEDBACK? Have a topic idea or a question that needs answered? Drop a comment on the video or tweet at us! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and share on social! For customized HubSpot training, visit #hubspottutorial #hubspothacks

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Google Ads NEW Performance Max “pMAX” will leave marketing agencies F*CKED in 2022 | Get ahead now [Video]

This is just a basic high-level introduction on Hello fellow Paid Search, Google Analytics, ECommerce Shopping, marketers. Hopefully this video will help you how to clearly and consistently explain pMAX strategy to the client… so they understand and buy in ! optimization strategy used to evaluate pMAX campaign performance for a brand new launched brand with NO historical performance data. Tip 1: tell your client to relax and be patient. It takes 7-10 days for the smart-machine learning algorithm to detect conversion signals… it can’t be “smart” overnight, just as humans do this process requires data gathering, user behavior, and other factors to determine how to move forward. #pMAX doesn’t give a damn about your “keyword lists” … this campaign targets users who are ready to buy. Don’t ask how they know, but they just do. The automation works, it’s personalized, it’s relevant, it shows ads to the right consumer. * this campaign type removes a ton of human error. I’ve seen standard shopping campaigns spend $20k+ without 1 single purchase. Let the advanced technology determine who it’s best to target. Why? Because the numbers prove effective.

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Google My Business Profile Set Up – Step By Step Tutorial For Rankings 2022 [Video]

Google My Business Profile Set Up – Step By Step Tutorial For Rankings 2022How to setup a GMB or Google Business Profile in 2022 for the best rankings in Google as possible is going to be more crucial than ever if you want to attract more customers to your business. With a Google business Profile, you will need to showcase your business through your business images, local business customer reviews, list your businesses products and or your businesses services that your listing offers and more. For more Google Business SEO assistance Once you’re Google Business Profile is all finalized and set up it can appear in Google search and on Google Maps results when local visitors search for a local business like yours locally.In todays tutorial, I will walk you through my step by step process of setting up a Google Business Profile the best possible way so you can be found in as many searches as possible for as many of the local queries that you would like to target in 2022. 0:00 Google My Business Profile Set Up – Step By Step Tutorial For Rankings 20221:00 How to setup Google Business Profile2:00 How to Start Building a Business Profile 3:00 Verification of Google Business Profile4:00 Google Business Profile Manager5:00 Business Profile Image Uploading6:00 Google Business Profile Videos7:00 Google Profile Listing Optimization8:00 Google Business Profile Step By Step Tutorial9:00 Google Listing Optimization Step By StepChris Palmer Marketing SEO 30 W Broad St fl2Tamaqua PA 18252(570) 810-1080