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How to choose which target audience or niche to deliver your online course to? [Video]

The truth is, that most of us have topics that are needed by a hugely broad market. however, trying to reach 'everyone' in our marketing usually gets us nowhere. It is far more effective to create your products for a very specific audience. But who??? How do you pick that very specific target audience? I recommend picking the person that YOU once were when you most needed the advice of somebody that you NOW are….. **Please note, that the example given in this video did not put any vulnerable people in danger. The course creator was not providing counselling or replacing any professional services, just sharing her personal journey with others for the purposes of inspiration and hope. This video is about choosing a niche, not about my client, so please stay kind and positive on my content. Thank you

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Could You Sell Your Content Marketing Division? (336) [Video]

This week Joe and Robert cover the big news out of Disney. Do they really have more subscribers than Netflix? Are they the greatest media company of all-time? (the answer is yes)
 Axios sells to Cox Enterprises, creating a local media opportunity that may be unprecedented. At the 5x revenue valuation, the boys ponder how a content marketing division could be valued (revenue or not).
 Lyft creates a media division…but the real story is the ongoing diversification of audience and customer revenue.
 Rants and raves include online gambling content and whether it's better or worse to work from home.
 This week's links:
 Disney's Upside Surprise
 Axios Sells
 Media Exit Multiplier
 Lyft's Media Operation
 xQc Wagers $685 Million
 Malcolm Gladwell on Working from Home
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