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Season 5 Project Diablo 2 Tier List! – All Classes/95%+ Builds Tested – Mapping/Starter/Uber Builds! [Video]

All 7 Project Diablo 2 (PD2) Classes and 95%+ of Viable/Strong Builds/Skills were evaluated for Late Game Mapping strength throughout the PD2 Season 5 Closed Beta! Starter/Uber/Dclone/Rathma potential is also evaluated here. As patches came in Builds/Skills were tested and retested till the end! This Tier List is accurate as of the release of the Open Beta Patch Notes on June 20th. I rate all Builds in their Late Game Mapping speed/feel from Tiers S-F (S, A, B, C, D, F) with A being my gold standard for a Strong/Balanced Build, S perhaps being a bit or more than a bit Overpowered or just Top Tier, and F being Don’t Touch. Strong Early Game Builds and Uber Builds are also Ranked for each Class. 60-70 Hours of testing throughout the past 7 Days has gone into this! Hope this video helps build confidence in choosing and/or working towards Builds for Project Diablo 2 Season 5! Keep in mind that as more patches go live just before or after the ladder reset, some of this information may become partially outdated and power rankings could adjust accordingly!Tier List Excel Spreadsheet link here: S5 Open Beta Patch Notes link here: Project Diablo 2 here (Read the Server Rules, Join their Discord!): you love Diablo II, I provide Full-Time 6-7 Days a week of variety Diablo II PD2/D2R content (mostly Hardcore) on my stream.Join the Cult of Xana! List/Overview Timestamps:0:00 Intro/Tier List Overview5:15 S-F Tier Explanation6:35 Rating System/Criteria9:45 Early Game Power Explanation11:21 Sorceress – Lightning18:38 Sorceress – Cold20:00 Does this Tier List Apply to Hardcore?22:05 Sorceress – Cold (Cont.)25:50 Sorceress – Fire35:38 Assassin – Traps43:42 Assassin – Martial Arts55:14 Assassin – Mind Blast56:49 Assassin – WW/Zeal59:47 Necromancer – Poison and Bone1:07:55 Necromancer – Summoning 1:15:28 Necromancer – Dark Pact1:18:02 Druid – Elemental1:25:26 Druid – Shape Shifting1:34:22 Druid – Summoning1:39:09 Amazon – Javelin and Spear1:43:44 Amazon – Bow and Crossbow1:50:13 Amazon – Summon Decoy/Valk1:52:07 Barbarian – Combat2:01:52 Barbarian – War Cry2:04:56 Barbarian – Wolf/Zeal2:08:36 Paladin – Combat2:17:49 Paladin – Offensive2:24:48 Mapping Top 102:28:45 Class Ranking2:36:28 Top 10 Dungeon Buddies2:42:58 Solo Dungeon Builds2:44:15 Recommended Starter/Uber Build Intro2:45:42 Sorceress Starter Builds2:48:40 Druid Starter Builds2:51:03 Amazon Starter Builds2:52:59 Necromancer Starter Builds2:55:55 Barbarian Starter Builds2:57:30 Assassin Starter Builds2:59:10 Paladin Starter Builds3:00:30 Sorceress Uber Builds/Intro Discussion3:05:02 Druid Uber Builds3:07:28 Amazon Uber Builds3:09:42 Necromancer Uber Builds3:12:57 Barbarian Uber Builds3:15:42 Assassin Uber Builds3:20:49 Paladin Uber Builds3:22:04 Q&A/Conclusion

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Overview Of my Portfolio Website [Video]

Overview of my Portfolio Website | Made with WordPress–FEATURES:–1.Home Page2. Project3. About4. Contact==================================This Video is Sponsored by : & Is brought to you by WeDev Development Group==================================Please Kindly “Like”, “Comment”, “Share”, and “Subscribe” to the channel. Thanks for watching!==================================Text to Speech | VB.NET –2– Simple UI Design : Racing Game In VB.NET – Introduction Video : CALCULATOR IN VB NET:​Making Beautiful User Login | VB.NET: LINKS================================== ▶facebook: ▶Github: ▶Linkedin:▶Telegram:—- Thank you for your love and support —-

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Share and update Dynamics 365 records within Microsoft Teams [Video]

In this feature overview video series, we highlight new capabilities included in the latest update to Dynamics 365 Sales.Search for information in Dynamics 365, share with other participants in their chats or channels, and even allow them to perform tasks from within the Teams chat conversation.Users want to surface the customer engagement records in the context of Microsoft Teams conversations. They need a way to search and share Dynamics 365 records directly in the message. Current collaboration features allow Dynamics 365 records to be pinned to Microsoft Teams channels. However, that is the beginning and end of contextualization. To leverage data throughout the conversation, this feature would allow users to search for information in Dynamics 365, share with other participants in their chats or channels, and even allow them to perform tasks from within the conversation.Microsoft Teams conversations often bring up important action items and information that sellers would want to reference in the future. This feature allows users to log an activity or a note to a Dynamics 365 record from the context of a Microsoft Teams message, by copying the content of the message into the description of the task or note for a streamlined process.With Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams integration, sellers can stay productive from wherever they are. Quickly save decisions, notes, and other key sales events to Dynamics 365 without having to context switch out of Microsoft Teams.Edit Dynamics 365 records from within a Microsoft Teams conversation.This feature enables quick editing of Dynamics 365 records from a form within a Microsoft Teams conversation and works from the perspective of the Dynamics 365 user or the recipient.- Allow users to quickly edit a record from a Microsoft Teams conversation to ensure the information is up to date before sending it to teammates, customers, and other stakeholders. – Send a quickly accessible form to your conversation participants so they can make rapid updates to a record, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information.Get the most out of Dynamics 365 Release planView all capabilities included in this release: updatesStay up to date on latest product updates: calendarKnow important release milestones: your understanding of how to license Dynamics 365: documentationFind documentation for Dynamics 365: communityEngage with Dynamics 365 experts and peers in the community: eventsFind and register for in person and online events: trialsGet started with Dynamics 365: you for watching our video! Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from the Dynamics 365 Team by visiting: The opportunities don’t stop there! We urge our community to continue learning through the following resources: Content Library: Dynamics 365 Blog: Free trial: Subscribe to Dynamics 365 YouTube: Dynamics 365 on Facebook: Dynamics 365 on LinkedIn: Dynamics 365 on Twitter: #MSFTDyn365