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7 Tips to Optimize Your Product Pages for SEO [Video]

When it comes to product pages on your website, search engine optimization is actually a big deal. Ready to see a lift in your product page traffic? In this video, John Lincoln SEO expert outlines the perfect SEO framework for your product pages.8 tips to optimize your product pages for SEO:1. Watch out for different filters.2. Add unique content on each product page.3. Optimize for the product’s specific name, not a general category term.4. Make sure you display unique reviews for each specific product page. A good rule of thumb is to display up to 30 unique reviews.5. Ensure your product pages are as fast as possible.6. Your product page should have breadcrumbs leading back to the homepage.7. Do not create multiple pages or versions of a page.If you want to learn more about proper SEO for your product pages or if you have questions, leave a comment below. Subscribe: more on our blog: Visibility is a premier Internet marketing company based in San Diego, CA.#digitalmarketing #internetmarketing

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How (and WHY) to use multiple ad strategies on google [Video]

We explore the best google ads strategy for e-commerce businesses in 2022. Using multiple ad strategies ensures your e-commerce business has redundancy built-in, in case a platform or campaign stops producing results.Here are some useful, practical tips for applying multiple ad strategies to improve your google marketing campaigns.