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I Built… a really fast NAS? [Video]

NOTE: Youtube is currently BADLY delayed on 4K processing. If you particularly want to watch this at full res, patrons have access to a raw, high-bitrate 4K download (16GB)This video is long because explaining why I did this, and the specific choices I made, requires explaining all the problems I encountered in two years of video creation. These are problems you might also encounter if your aspirations go the same way mine did.Non-affiliate links:Kingston dock: cables: me on Patreon: Intro00:01:06 My early cameras00:11:15 My current camera00:14:54 The storage problem00:28:00 Current workflow & problems00:34:00 Introducing the server00:40:35 Disks & layout00:43:27 Microserver aside00:45:13 The plan (Part 1)00:47:44 Why these choices?00:51:14 The plan (Part 2)01:01:30 Connectivity01:13:47 HD speed issues01:15:44 RAID controller issues01:27:29 HD speed issues solved01:29:55 It works / trip report01:32:30 Outro