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Mask with Feathered Edges and Alpha in Camtasia [Video]

Camtasia doesn’t have a feathered edges mask or a mask smoothing option. Any object you hide behind a mask using the Media Matte or the Track Matte will take the mask object’s shape, and the edges will be sharp.In this tutorial, I show you how you can combine several tools that Camtasia has and a couple effects to achieve blended, smooth, feathered edges on any shape. You can use that as a mask on any clip or object, and you can have alpha gradients on the edges, blending smoothly into the background.In this tutorial, we use grouping, media matte and a few tricks to achieve this blended feathered edge mask.——————————————————————————————Buy or upgrade Camtasia or Snagit and get 10% discount with the links below:💲✂️ Get Camtasia (includes 10% OFF discount code):💲✂️ Get Snagit (includes 10% OFF discount code):——————————————————————————————I have many more Camtasia tutorials here: have a newsletter now! Subscribe for goodies, tips, early access and more: out my Skillshare classes: my Camtasia Help Facebook Group and ask questions, get help with Camtasia: my tutorials useful? Buy me a coffee! I LOVE coffee: website and blog:– GEAR I use for my videos –Microphone: screen:– SOFTWARE I use –Camtasia (includes 10% OFF coupon): (includes 10% OFF discount code): Designer Pro+: for video SEO: for eCommerce: and Captions: #camtasia2022 #masks