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LinkedIn analytics and what they mean [Video]

LinkedIn analytics have changed in 2022 and in this video I explain the changes, what they mean and how you should be using this data to help with your marketing strategy. LinkedIn post views are NOT now based on the number of post views for your last post, but post impressions from the last 7/14/28/90/365 days. This is a game-changer as far as I’m concerned when it comes to LinkedIn post analytics, views for the last post you did was rudimentary, because if you’d just posted on LinkedIn you may only have 20 views, but your last post may have reached thousands! It was a pointless metric. I’ll be talking about the recent changes to LinkedIn analytics and explaining what they mean. Regularly checking your LinkedIn data is essential when it comes to quantifying your impact on the platform, they help you monitor your return on investment and ensure you’re reaching the right audience.If you like to know how to generate leads through LinkedIn come to my next online workshop, which starts 28 June. you’d like regular tips and advice on social media marketing please like and subscribe to my channel. Here’s another video you may be interested in: 13 LinkedIn post ideas #LinkedInAnalytics #LinkedInTips #GetSocial