Build Relationships Early In Your Business with Megan Grassell [Video]

Megan Grassel is the Founder/CEO of Yellowberry. Armed with her own hand-drawn sketch and the savings from her summer jobs, Megan Grassell set out to make her younger sister, along with tween girls everywhere, an age-appropriate bra. In 2013, at age 17, she founded Yellowberry. With funding from a successful Kickstarter campaign, Megan created colorful, comfortable and supportive bras for young girls along with a promise to help them feel more confident about wearing bras for the first time. Today, Yellowberry offers a full collection of bras, underwear, lounge and activewear exclusively for girls with an extra boost of encouragement to dream big and feel supported to do anything in the world. In 2014 she was on TIME Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Teens and included on Huffington Post’s list of 14 Most Fearless Teens. In 2015, Megan was named one of the 24 Millennials to Watch by Yahoo. In 2016, Megan was selected as one of Forbes 30 Under 30. She has been featured in countless media outlets including The TODAY Show, The New York Times, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Seventeen and Teen Vogue, among others. In addition to serving as an active company founder, Megan served as a member of the first-ever Barbie Global Advisory Board for Mattel. She is an active member of the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club as well as of Pulse, the newly created St. John’s Youth Hospital Board. In This Conversation We Discuss: [00:00] Intro [01:39] Being an influential teen entrepreneur [03:10] Where the idea of Yellowberry came from [06:30] From a good idea to a good business idea [07:40] The challenge in transitioning from crowdfunding [11:02] Yellowberry’s previous and current software [12:43] Inventory forecasting and cash flow tips [14:20] Sponsor: Electric Eye [14:40] Sponsor: Mesa [16:51] Sponsor: Rewind https:/ [17:21] Sponsor: Klaviyo [17:14] Build relationships across your supply chain [18:41] Yellowberry’s marketing stack [20:04] What helped Megan as a young founder [21:13] The previous guests’ experience about COVID [22:32] Yellowberry’s COVID experience [25:40] Launching Yellowberry’s Basics Collection [27:16] The struggles as a young female entrepreneur [30:27] Yellowberry had to work for Megan [32:27] Did pitching multiple times make Megan better? [33:13] Where to find Yellowberry Resources: Subscribe to Honest Ecommerce on Youtube The original by girls, for girls brand that’s changing the bra industry for girls Connect with Megan Scale your business with Download Mesa at the Shopify App Store Respond to any of Rewind’s welcome emails and mention HONEST ECOMMERCE to get 1 month free Get started with a free account at If you’re enjoying the show, we’d love it if you left Honest Ecommerce a review on Apple Podcasts. It makes a huge impact on the success of the podcast, and we love reading every one of your reviews! Review Link: Honest Ecommerce is a weekly podcast, community & educational resource providing online store owners with honest, actionable advice to increase their sales and grow their business. Visit for more information. If you like our videos, consider subscribing & joining our FREE Facebook group Or get all our content sent directly to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter: