Squarespace: What to include on the contact page on your website [Video]

This video will show you some examples of different contact pages I have designed from less to more design and info. Have a look and decide what your business and brand needs on your contact page.Grab my FREE 3 day email video course: Find Your Brand Colours with me: 50% off your first year with email marketing provider FLODESK here is my code:



Hello, I’m mighty.I am a web developer with solid experience in Shopify and sales funnel. I have worked for a UK web agency delivering Shopify and increase there sales. I can help you with Shopify development/design including dropshipping with a number of suppliers like Ali Express, Amazon, eBay, etc. I believe in providing effective, efficient, and creative store designs. I can also help you in webdevelopment/design with the option to have a WooCommerce store installed and configured to your number; 08036042631


How To Extract UTM Parameters From a Marketing Campaign URL on WIX | Velo – WiX Code [Video]

If you are running a marketing campaign for your website, chances are you have encountered UTM params. It is important to extract them in order to gather data about your campaign. In this video I show how to do that using the Wix Location API. questions? Need something fixed on your website ASAP?Hit me up: schedule a consult: Facebook page: our weekly event:


More News on my Channel [Video]

📢 Snapchat Offers Integration With BigCommerce Product Displays In The USSnapchat and BigCommerce (a large e-commerce platform) are working together to allow online stores more commercial opportunities to showcase their products on Snapchat.#social #socialmedia #snapchat #USA #digital #marketing #bigcommerce #news #digitalmarketing