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Get More Leads, Make More Money and Improve Customer Service Using Text Marketing from Call Quarry [Video]

The call comes in and the automatic reply to that call was this. “Thanks for calling Kimberlite Digital Marketing. You can also text with us at this number.” So this is what we mean when we say no more missed calls. Every call to your business will get a response with text messaging. So, what just happened here is, “Thanks for your message. Please answer a few automatic questions so that we can get you to the right person.” This is our automatic prompt. We can then provide some automations with your email marketing or CRM, and send a couple of different messages, not just through text messaging, but through your email platform. So, that’s our first step of taking a look at what our lead funnel can do. In terms of how Callquarry lets you never miss a call. Let’s go look at a sequence. It’s something that can happen very quickly, but we are providing specific information regarding the inquiry that this prospect or customer is making. So, you can think about these as frequently asked questions, directions, what are your services, like we looked at. Anything. What we’re going to do here is we’re going to use a shortcut, which is one of our sequences, to what our customers say. And let’s send that. What we can do there, of course. So now, we’ve sent that link to when they asked for any references.Let’s take a look at another one of our automations or some options that we have within Callquarry. So, the next thing that we’re going to show you is how to send an appointment request. This is actually going to integrate with our Calendly, which, again, is integrated with our CRM. And then, we can have all the details of this prospect and/or customer and what’s going on with them in our CRM, and it all started from our text marketing system, Callquarry. We can then go pick a time and schedule that and confirm, and it’s all going to be handled within our CRM.Another thing that we can do is let’s go take a look at, let’s add a calendar event. So, let’s call this just an appointment. This was sent through Callquarry, our text messaging system, and this was sent to this prospective customer, and then they can add it to their iCal, Google or Outlook.I want to show you another way to use text messaging to make more money and have better customer experience. Let’s use another shortcut. Let’s use a saved message this time. These are things that we can set up in the content block here, but I’ve already set one up for us, and we can pull that up and we can send that right away. And let’s send that to our customer. And this, too, includes our Calendly link, from which he or she can then schedule a meeting.We can click call from browser or call from my phone at which point, we’ll bridge the phone call and it’ll come through. Your reps or you, yourself, can be interacting as your business and not on your personal cell phone.The next-to-last thing I want to show you is we can actually request a payment.We can send text messages later. So think about it. This is a true advancement on traditional text messaging. Have you ever written a text and said, “Oh, I don’t want to send that right now”? We can schedule it in the future. That can all happen right here. And you type your message and then you just click send later, but before we go, I want to show you one last thing, and it’s getting back to where we began, which is what we call a flow.We have this customer’s contact info. We know their name, and it’s just nice and sweet. We can follow up with them when it’s appropriate.Last but not least, I want to show you that what we did with our automations is, as I said, when that, at the beginning of this presentation, when this customer entered all their information, we shot it to our CRM. And first off, I personally use ActiveCampaign. Love it. I have links on my website if you’d like some discounts on it, but you don’t have to. But we have sent that information from Callquarry into our active campaign instance. And now, this is my notification saying, “Hey, we have this new lead,” and when it came in. And then, here is what we sent to that new lead. “Hey ACME, nice to meet you,” and we can customize this, obviously.So, in essence, what we’re looking at is anyone who calls your business gets a text message saying, “Hey, give me a call or reach out to us. Did you know that you can text with us also?” Then, we can set up these automations however you’d like, but we’re asking for first name, we’re asking for last name, email address. Then we’re sending that data to our CRM. We’re sending automated emails. So now someone who is trying to call us and we were busy just knows that they can text with us, and in a few minutes, they’re going to get an automated “Here’s who we are,” email. And then, we, as the business owner are going to get a notification that we had a new lead.