How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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3-Steps To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

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3-Steps To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

Growing a YouTube channel can feel daunting if you don’t have a proven process to follow. This 100% beginner-friendly video reveals my 3-step process that has grown 2 channels to gain 48,000,000+ views and over 550,000 subscribers!

Here are the links mentioned and shown in the video:

I use Tubebuddy for some video research and to manage my A/B tests on my thumbnails. I highly recommend TubeBuddy if you’re committed to growing your YouTube channel and driving more views from your YouTube vids :

Then, there are the free YouTube training’s I’ve published previously here on YouTube…

Like the 100% beginner friendly how to get started on YouTube video, here:

Also, you should watch the free YouTube deep dive course that teaches you the secrets of the YouTube algorithm so you can grow your channel, your subscribers, and your views faster on YouTube –

The key to driving traffic to your YouTube videos from YouTube search and Google search is mastering keyword research. Find those phrases your audience is searching for so you can create the content they’re looking for!

All of my free keyword research videos are here:

Here’s the link to the keyword research tool I use and showed in this video:

Also, I mentioned the importance of learning persuasion in writing. To help you with this, here is the free 1 sentence persuasion course available on my blog with no opt-in required:

This is a must-read and once you “Get it” you’ll find it easier to write great video titles, to come up with better topics and it’ll help your email marketing and your copywriting, too!

Here are timestamps for chapters to help you navigate through this video:

0:00 3-step process for getting more youtube views revealed
0:14 Step 1 – Choosing the right topic for your videos
0:28 The 3 ways to choose a topic for your YouTube video
0:57 Examples of the 3 ways to choose a youtube video topic
2:30 How to do keyword research for YouTube SEO
4:10 Step 2 – Creating videos your audience wants to watch
4:26 Coming up with a unique hook for your video
4:38 The 2 key datapoints from Youtube analytics you must monitor
5:02 How to create YouTube videos that trigger the YouTube algorithm
6:18 Example #2 – Using YouTube analytics to help make better videos
8:19 Step 3 – Optimize your video to get the click
10:00 The most important skill for new YouTubers to get clicks
10:38 Example #3 – How to optimize YouTube video to get more cliks
13:15 The best tool to help you grow your YouTube channel
14:35 How to grow your YouTube channel by driving YouTube views

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