How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
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A Background in Filmmaking Helped this Chef Produce a Food Show ‘From Scratch’ [Video]

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A Background in Filmmaking Helped this Chef Produce a Food Show ‘From Scratch’

Chef Joe Gatto isn’t your ordinary culinary master. He’s also a filmmaker and producer who seamlessly blends his passions to create a one-of-a-kind experience in his food series, From Scratch.

Listen now to learn about creating your own cooking show, deep connections made through food, and believing in yourself.

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[02:15] – Who is Chef Joe Gatto?
[10:05] – Navigating the Creator Economy
[21:36] – The Art of Pitching an Idea
[25:31] – Lessons Learned from Podcasting
[38:13] – Joe Gatto’s Big Dream

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Filmmaker, Producer, Chef – Chef Joe Gatto has a background in Film Production. In fact, that was his initial career path before the culinary arts. With his streaming show, he is able to intertwine both passions and skill sets to create an amazing product.

Food Leads to Deep Connections – For Chef Joe Gatto, food is simply a vehicle for connections. It means more than just great food on a plate. Food has led him to have a career and people that he truly loves and feels connected to.

“Big Believer in F*** It” – Sometimes, you just have to go for what you believe in and say “F*** It!”. Joe Gatto has learned that no one, not even spouses, have to agree with your dream for you to pursue it.


Chef Joe Gatto is a private chef based in Boston, Massachusetts. He is also the creator and host for the streaming TV series, From Scratch, where he teams with farmers and other artisans to create meals. Gatto has an extensive background in filmmaking and production that has served him well in culinary endeavors, as his wife, Carey, whom he met in the film industry, suggested he combine his talents to create a show.

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