5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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A tour of my £40 Million Business – Day In The Life [Video]

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A tour of my £40 Million Business – Day In The Life

Behind the scenes of our £40 million business! In this video, I’ve hired a coach to pull back the curtain and share how I acquired these businesses, the reasons behind my investments, and my ambitious plans for future growth.

I hope these insights and strategies can help you and your business!

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Who am I?
My name is James Sinclair and I’m the founder and CEO of The Partyman Group of Companies. I started building my business when I was just 16 as a family entertainer after that I built up an entertainment agency, then moved into building a leisure and day nursery businesses. Today we operate a £30 million business which includes leisure, childcare, outdoor attractions, commercial property, arts and crafts manufacturing as well as one of the UK’s oldest Ice cream companies; The Rossi Ice Cream Company.

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00:00 Day in the life Intro
00:20 Marsh Farm
02:59 Dinosaur Adventure
05:18 Commercial Property Investments
11:10 Blue Boar Hotel
18:30 RollaCity
20:30 Importing & distribution warehouse
23:07 Rossi Ice Cream Parlour

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