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How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
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Called to Lead. An Empowering Journey with Nancy Simmons [Video]

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Called to Lead. An Empowering Journey with Nancy Simmons

In this episode, join Mike Phillips and the incredible Nancy Simmons on The Leadership Toolkit podcast for an electrifying episode that will start to redefine your leadership game! They get into the value of servant leadership, leading through faith, and I love this one… “the platinum rule.”

At the heart of servant leadership lies an altruistic purpose: empowering others by focusing first on their needs. It’s an approach that flips traditional leadership paradigms on their head, advocating for leaders to serve rather than to be served. This idea, deeply explored in our conversation with Nancy Simmons on the Leadership Toolkit podcast, illuminates impactful paths to cultivating environments where individuals thrive personally and professionally.

Nancy Simmons, drawing on her extensive experience in the auto industry, reveals the profound difference between mere management and true leadership. Management positions may be appointed, but leadership? It blooms from within, grown through dedicated self-promotion of one’s ability and willingness to uplift others.

β€œWhat’s your legacy? Being a boss or being a leader?” Simmons interrogates our ideals. It challenges us to reflect on our roles in workplaces and communities. Do we dictate, or do we inspire and serve? The journey Nancy described as she ascended through leadership ranks was not marked by authoritative demands but by cooperative, synergistic team efforts. This approach, deeply grounded in mutual respect and empowerment, suggests a model where leadership is accessible to all ready to invest themselves fully, with love and empathy, in the well-being of others.

At its core, servant leadership calls for introspection and a shift towards inclusivity, compassion, and a balance of speaking and listening. The journey towards embracing and practicing these principles is rife with challenges yet incredibly rewarding. It asks: Are you ready to redefine your notion of leadership? Are you prepared to empower and elevate those around you before yourself?

Check out these other key points:
00:00:00 Welcome to The Leadership Toolkit
00:00:54 Nancy Simmons: A Story of How I Came Up to Leadership
00:07:08 Two Keys to Leading from the front.
00:11:13 Developing the Mind
00:12:01 Personality Types. Are you a D?
00:14:27 Seeking Your Why and Purpose in Leadership
00:19:35 Seeking God’s Purpose
00:20:51 Reflection on leading through loss.
00:23:53 Nancy on taking charge.
00:26:08 Prayer vs. Meditation
00:27:52 Leadership: finding the ultimate definition.
00:33:46 One General Manager’s Message
00:36:46 Several Ways to Show That You Care About Your People
00:40:44 Holding People Accountable
00:44:15 The Accountability Part of Being a Leader
00:45:44 Leading With Love
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